A Bit of History

Coherco Securities, Inc. was founded in 1999 with the acquisition of the Philippine Stock Exchange seat of defunct brokerage Connell Securities, Inc. (customer accounts and positions were not included in the said acquisition.) It is backed with the full strength and resources of a family-owned business conglomerate with interests in manufacturing, distribution, retail, real estate, and financial services. Throughout the past 14 years Coherco has quietly established itself as a competent and reliable broker-dealer with an outstanding regulatory record.

In 2012 PSE President Hans Sicat spearheaded an initiative to customize an online trading platform, giving broker-dealers the capability to offer an online facility to their clients at a much lower price than if they were to develop their own online trading IT solution. One of the first PSE members to sign up for the said program was Coherco Securities, Inc., and thus cohercotrade.ph was born. “We see online trading as an invaluable way to increase efficiency, lower costs, provide a better value proposition to the retail investor, and ultimately enlarge the nation’s investor base,” Coherco President Wilfred T. Co said at that time. “The efforts of the PSE’s Online Service Bureau has lowered start-up costs immensely, and enables us to deliver online trading capability to the customer that much faster,” he added.

Coherco Today

The launch of cohercotrade.ph marked the completion of a conscious shift in Coherco Securities, Inc.’s strategic identity. We are a no-frills broker that constantly searches for unique and innovative ways to give value to the experienced investor. If you are the type of investor who already knows what you’re doing; if you’re the type of investor who likes making your own trading decisions and taking charge of both the methods and outcome of your trading philosophy, then we may be the perfect fit for you. We are constantly looking for new ways to give you added value for the commissions you are already paying anyway.

Statement of Values

At Coherco Securities, Inc. the management and staff are committed to conducting ourselves with the highest standards of integrity. We like to say that more than doing things grandly, we aim to do things well. At the cornerstone of this philosophy lies the willingness to accept the proper level of accountability. We take responsibility for the things that are rightfully our responsibility. We value your trust and will work hard to preserve it.

The Safety / Security of Customer Funds

As a member of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Coherco Securities, Inc. is subject to regulatory oversight by both the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Part of this supervision is the constant and unfailing verification that funds owed to customers (i.e. your deposits in cash form) are kept in specially-designated reserve accounts. In short, for all intents and purposes it is practically impossible for a PSE member broker to dip into your funds.

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